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& White treat irregular
Reduce menstrual cramps
Nourishes the uterus & Peranakan women (good for women that are difficult to reproduce)
Strengthen the uterus and pelvic wall
Breast firming and elasticity hip
Give women internal energy
Improve sexual desire & husband & wife relationship
Boost the immune system
Menopausal process
Juice for women onlyCONTENTS OF JUICE b.V

Nur Fatimah maintain good reproductive system for women, to tighten and lubricate and improve sexual function
Manjakani tighten vagina muscle that may be sagging or loose by the delivery
Pueraria Mirifica provides a perfect shape, especially at the breast and pinggul.Ia also contains anti-cancer agents that can suppress the growth of cancer cells of breast cancer patients.
Acai Berry is a high antioxidant.
Apples are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants are high.
Dates contain potassium important to the nervous system that stimulates memory, challenging gender desires and enhance your immune system specifically to prevent breast cancer and uterine
Honey can restore, refresh and replenish energy body, keeping and balancing the strength of the body and stimulate the libido.
Roselle slow the aging process and prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases is done by free radicals (Roselle is rich in anti-oxidants)
Pomegranates can reduce heart disease and fat accumulation. In addition, pomegranate antioxidant unusually high. Therefore, it is used to ward off free radicals.Collagen promotes skin elasticity and firmness.Nutritional way;

Take 2 tablespoons every morning & night. Drink water at least 8 glasses a day.
Store in a cool place after opening.
Weight / volume in each bottle: 250mlMARKET PRICE: RM 45.90INTRODUCTION PRICE / PROMOTION: RM 39.90

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