Sunday, 23 September 2012


malaysia truly asia

you'll love Malaysia
now and forever
different races everywhere
the soul of asia is surely here
this beautiful Malaysia

you'll love the colours of Malaysia
where the sun loves to shine
on sandy beaches and clear waters
with smiles of friendly faces

This land's so beautiful
it steals your heart away
this land is paradise
only a smile away
the soul of asia
the essence of asia
in this land where dreams come true

Malaysia it's truly asia
people smiling everywhere
showing you how much they care
welcome to Malaysia

the soul of asia
the essence of asia
it's truly asia
Malaysia truly asia

why Malaysia is hailed as "MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA" the true Asian is the presence of various Asian cultures in the country you also can find ethnic from group stay here live harmony for many years. its joy to see the ethnic society mingle with each other and share their culture, and it is probably one reason, why Tourism in Malaysia has shot up. People who come to visit the country find the different Asian groups and also many ethnic groups live in here
we have 3 cultural groups in Malaysia Malays,Chinese and Indians bring about a rare fusion of various cultures and bring to the fore of what Asia is. Asians have always stood for multi cultures and tribes in a society and the presence of various groups and cultures make the society and the culture more interesting.
Multicultural society had also added a rare dimension to the cultural beauty of the country. Each of the ethnic group present tin Malaysia has their own festivals. If you go to Malaysia, you would come across many kinds of festivals being celebrated in every society. Malaysians enjoy their festivals, and they make the visitors understand the significance of their festivals, which tourists love to celebrate.
many foreign work in our country and stay here Indonesia,China,India,Nepal,philipines and many more country u can find here... means such as direct malaysia can change the culture of other countries.
U can find thailand ,arab, india ,china ,japan, korea and many more food from other country have in malaysia  .we're lucky we do not have to go around asia and other countries enjoy the culture there just in malaysia you will be able to enjoy everything.
 we are proud to be the asian because we always foster life among together with other Asian countries here ! only those who have and are living in Malaysia only can get the beautiful experiences here~if possible why the influx of foreign and many tourists visit in Malaysia ?


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