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                                CAUSE I NEVER PURCHASE ONE BOOK IN MY LIFE
                                                                    KOPI SOH 
         Suggestion from one of my friend- ONE OF SOLUTION to get my life back ! TQ CIK SUZLIN
             I hope can share with you guys when i finish do my reading whatever thing- let me read first !
                                    u also can add the mystery girl direct from their fb fanpage
                                                                      KOPI SOH

Testimonials by Readers-

An amazing book so well written and touching.
- Dr. J. Renner

This is an amazing book revealing our true selves and that of our friends. Reading it made
 me understand many of the characters I used to find strange in my relatives and friends. This is a lovely book that's written in simple understandable English for a lay person like me.
                          - Nancy Yew

I can totally relate to this book. Reading about people's experiences made me realized that I was not alone. Thank you Kopi Soh for having the passion to write about what so many people are experiencing today, plus the useful information and advice. Great book!
                           - Juliet Ho

As you read, you will realize that you are not weird... It happen to someone.. or commonly among us. When you think you are paranoid.. think again... we might need help & this book actually let us know that is ok.. we are not weird.. just maybe need help. But if you are shy, at least you will understand a little bit more about yourself... not to feel good but just an alert that we might need help.. when things really get complicated. Kopi is my cyber friend that give me a lot of encouragement... I hope, you by reading her book will get help & encouragement like what she offer me...
                         - Nelly Chow

                                       TESTIMONIAL BY READERS WITHOUT PHOTO

1.Great book! My teenage girl took the book from me last night, flipped to the Contents section and then     said, "Ma, I want to read this book after you have finished with it." Thanks for sharing. :)
- Becky Ong

2.This book as its title suggest makes me feel not so alone after reading it. I enjoyed reading the real life stories and going, "Yes, yes, I feel that way too!" Each story is accompanied by a description of how to deal with those troubled moments in life. There is something for everyone in here.
- Jolene

3."Am I the only one who feels this way?" At many points in my life, I have asked myself this question. That is why I enjoyed reading the real life stories in this book. I can identify with some of the real life situations presented. Reading it makes me feel less alone. I like how this book portrays each real life situation followed by the suggestions on how to cope. There is a story for everyone in here from the troubled teenager to the spouse seeking answers in their relationship.
- MG

4.Tired of all the books that beats around the bush, this is a book that touches the subject matter straight to the heart. You don't think but you FEEL with Kopi Soh's writing.
- DL

                        If people from other countries can Appreciate brand from malaysian why not us


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