Sunday, 23 September 2012

My recommended if u got Sensitive skin @ daily wash~

     Cetaphil is the solution for you guys...i dont know why i really love this product for me this product is gentle link this product gentle its suit for removal makeup.but for me its not cause sometimes i wearing a foundation im not feel comfortable to use cetaphil only to removed no bubble but i think other skin type have a bubble (oil control) .....i use another cleanser for clean all my dirty in my face.(for u im not sure maybe )

 This is my recommended skin care if u got problem skin like (pimple, ringworm,spot,allergies,rash) this is the best solution for u beauties~when i use this product just for 3 days i can see the improve from my skin very clean ! i also use this for my body now :) the price is affordable Cetaphil is good for daily wash ;) for week or monthly treatment i find another solution because  of my age factor ,wrinkle,dark area  require other treatments to make my skin good and health so this product good for babies and young generation to... u can get this product in Watson & Caring farmasi in bangsar village 1 have many range product from cetaphil ....if u want buy the tester u can get RM10-(3.27usd) its come with (Benza Ac 5% 15 g ) pimple cream. to know more about this product please click the link Benza cream

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