Friday, 21 September 2012

My bad habit - I'm always changing decision~

          Sound maybe seem strange to you.You might be thinking that I am a bit crazy ~my mom always say that i always change my decision . i like to explore everything what i want to get~when we get better why not we change the decision ? this is my bad habit since i standart 1 still young and green ( primary  school ).
           When i remember that memories (very funny) i have more than 30 pcs  motivation Certificate since i 1991 (standart 1 primary school) to  2001(form1 high school) because  my mom always sent me to motivation activities she want me change my character to be perfect person ......Nothing is change (im still Me! My self ! and I !) ;p -from habit.
- please give tips how to change my habit..... share with me yeah? Thank You
                                                                         -The End-

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