Saturday, 8 September 2012



                                       THIS A FIRST TIME BBF BOX IN BEAUTY  BLOG....
                                               LITTLE BIT NERVOUS -AND HAPPY
                                                  TQ TO AIMEE AND WENDY PUA
                                                       -FOR YOUR GREAT REVIEW-

                                        *AIMEE -FROM PHILIPHINES-BASED IN JOHOR*
Hi welcome to my blog:) My name is Aimee. I'm from Philippines which is currently residing now in  a beautiful country of Malaysia. I'm a former musician  turned to a full time stayed-at home mom. I created  this blog for my love of  beauty, obsession in  skincare and  makeups, passion in Music , travelling  and anything interesting things in this planet. You may most probably seen some of my reviews and thoughts about a product which I've tried and tested that I want to share with you. Some of my random hauls 'cause I love to shop and fun FOTD's/ OOTD/ EOTD , news and updates about makeups, blog giveaways and even our travelling journey experience as well!  If you think we have the same interest and likes, join me and let's be friends:) HUGS <3 FIND AIMEE CLICK THIS LINK!!!! FABULOSITY WORLD! -MAHAL KITA!

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