Friday, 21 September 2012

BBF box final touch..Back2nature - september2012

                                                    Location-Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur
                                                    Date      -22.september.2012
                                                    Time     -6.40am

       Today is saturday ....i still can't sleep -prepared all box for this month..this month quit late i sent to all subscribers-i always panic like a hell everytime when i do the final touch to all my BBF Box.. Last week is my bad day many of the problem is happen to me.because of Malaysia post and customs~Actually i not get any info about my box is STUCK in customs pos Malaysia .
       Darcey ask me condition about the package that she has been sent to me at 7september2012 and the package it arrived in Malaysia on the 11th can u imagined that i not get any info from post or customs Malaysia about the situation from 11 to 19september2012 ?
       Thank to god Darcey (lippy girl )~ help me to trace the box location and what situation is happen ! i get the info 18september2012 quite difficult to call Malaysia Post Customs..19september2012 i get my box-thank dad!~thank to my dad-and Darcey Diehl*(HELP ME TO FIND AND GET MY BOX) I will learn from mistakes take it as my lesson ~the end

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